Dufailly Orphanage

Dufailly, Haiti

Dufailly is an impoverished mountain community, 3 hours from the capital of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Even prior to the devastating earthquake of January 2010, the people of this area were extremely poor. The need for an orphanage is being addressed by the local community. An unbelievably simple structure was built that houses several needy children. In July of 2010, volunteers from IOS visited the orphanage for the first time. In this block and mud house, there was no furniture, no running water and the only electricity was a few bare light bulbs wired with telephone wiring. The children had few clothes and very little to eat. Our team delivered some basic supplies and determined to address the extreme needs.

Since that time, funds have been raised and delivered that paid for the construction of a security wall, the digging of a new clean water well, and installation of new doors and windows as well as safe electricity! The children have even received new uniforms that are required for them to attend school!

While we are excited about the progress, the need is far from being met. We desire to supply food and clothes/shoes, medical care and education for these children. Beds and chairs need to be provided and we desire to fund that as well. It is within our power to supply the support necessary to do these simple projects.

Please consider partnering with us to change the living conditions of these children. The Haitian government has no plan to address this situation. But we do. Even a small contribution will have a major impact on these beautiful children. To make a donation to assist the children of Dufailly, click the button below.